37. How does the Alert System work in Quiz King and in WOKcraft


An Alerted question will be yours after 72 hours!

In Quiz King and in WOK in general, there are questions that can be questionable for their quality for many reasons. 
In Quiz King and WOKwiki, you can Alert the question in the review mode. The Alert triggers a 72-hour note to the "Owner" of the question in WOK. "The owner" is a. the creator or b. the person who has Alerted and claimed ownership of question if the creator has not taken any action to edit a question during 72 hours after the Alert. 
We trust the WOK community and public domain to self-regulate questions in WOK just like the Wikipedia users are maintaining Wikipedia for correct facts. Our SuperWOKers will handle many errors but not all. We trust the WOK community. The difference is that the creator has 72 hours to fix the problem or the question will be yours to handle. How to handle them? login to WikiMaster app and edit the questions you have made or got ownership of in this app. Quiz King is a part of the ecosystem of the quiz system WOK but has not all functions built in like edit questions. 

1. To review a question in Quiz King, click any of the rounds 1-5, anywhere on the row. For obvious reasons; you cant review questions you have not yet answered. But you can review questions your opponent have not yet answered. 

QK7 screen Alert1b 140910
2. Open the round and swipe among the 4 questions in the round . If you need to Alert: click exclimation mark to Alert a question. 

QK7 screen Alert2 140910
3. State the general reason for your Alert. 

QK7 screen Alert3 140910

4. Give comment so the owner can fix the question and raise the quality of the question in WOK and Quiz King. 

QK7 screen Alert1 140910

5. The opponent in the round will answer the question "as is". If the question has changed, he/she will answer the question after the change is made, so it can be a difference between players. If not, the question will be same for both WOKers / players. In order for any other WOKer to see this question again in Quiz King, the question has to be reapproved by a SuperWOKer. If the question has been alerted by any other WOKer, the same thing happens. This is the way WOK has chosen to do it, with the tradeoffs of benefits and drawbacks. WOK is a living system and is developing in a never-ending loop. WOK will over time be the largest Knowledge System online. 

6. What happens if a WOKer alert the question and nobody does anything about it? 
The question will not be in any rounds of Quiz King but will stay in WOKcraft. It will be in Class C. Reported as Alerted. Until edited. So even if a Quiz King player reports it, the question will not show up in Quiz King after an alert until improved by the owner or a SuperWOKer. 

7. How does WOKcraft Inc prevent any misuse of content and to flag and remove inappropriate content and offensive users in Quiz King app or any other app such as WikiMaster?

Apple requires that users agree to terms (EULA) and these terms must make it clear that there is no tolerance for objectionable content. WOKcraft Inc, the publisher of Quiz King have the Terms of Use of WOKcraft that the users agree to follow upon signing up to the game. In EULA: Users need a mechanism to flag objectionable content and report users generating this content: This is provided by the Alert System (See above in detail how it works). WOKcraft has also a staff of Content Manager who acts as moderator to supervise break of rules and constant misuse such as offending content. 

// Last edited on 2018-04-18

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